ExamEditor2.0 Tips

The following tips have been provided by an author who recently converted his exams using Exam Editor 2.0. He made some mistakes (as noted below) and it took him 3.5 hours. He estimates that it would have taken him 2.5 hours if he hadn’t made some mistakes. He thinks anybody could do the conversion in 4 hours. Your mileage will vary.

Background Steps

  1. Watch the instructional video and review the Exam Editor User Guide
  2. Make backup copies of the exam file
  3. Click along with the video on a practice copy of the exam to get familiar

Exam Editing Steps

  1. Review the exam audit and toss out the obviously bad questions
  2. Of the remaining questions, sort them by the first line, look for obvious duplicates and toss them out
  3. Go through all questions, labeling the chapters only
  4. Sort by chapter. Compare the total with the goal for that chapter. For example, if the goal was 2 per group, you need an optimal 6 questions for that chapter. We can have about 3-9 questions from that chapter to spread across the 3 groups. Pare them down to close to desired number, but a bit higher. Toss out the more confusing questions. This is also a good time to find questions with similar wording.
  5. With the goals in mind, pare down the remaining questions until you get to 60
  6. Assign the group labels to the remaining questions
  7. View the spread of A, B, C, and D answers. It will probably already be fairly close. For a group that is lacking, identified in red, find a question that is above the average and rearrange the answer list.

Tips and Reminders

  1. The 120 questions are combined so that 1-40 is exam A, 41-80 is B, and 81-120 is C. This will aid when deleting the bad questions identified by the audit.
  2. Keep an eye on the total; don't get below 60 too quickly as there may not be enough coverage in some areas.
  3. Remember there is no Undo for deleting a question.
  4. Run the validation tool often, particularly around 80 questions to keep the question surgery in the right locations

Lessons Learned

Don't make the mistake that I did. I first reduced the list to 60 questions, then ran the validation tool. I discovered I was too high on some chapters, but too low on others. But it was too late to reclaim them since we cannot un-delete.